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Season 1: City that Never Sleeps

Welcome to season 1 of our survival mode.

We announce in-game prizes for the best voted city in Minecraft survival mode.

Gather your friend and start a party, to build the most creative city in the survival map.

To enroll, please send in your city’s coordinates and your party friends usernames.

Winners will be announced in August 10th

Momo Ads

In response to the recent Momo (suicide game) ads on Minecraft platform, we have installed plugin to detect suspicious chat logs.

We will immediately ban any users violating our terms of usage and playing rules.

All of our ads are child friendly and will never promote such inappropriate ads

Bens Crafty Tournament

Tournament Results

  • First Place: Nickniller
  • Second Place: Cratise
  • Thrid Place: Veronica1212

We thank everyone who joined this tournament, and await as usual our challenging tournaments!

Recent Bans

List of banned users, due to inappropriate chat or server rules violations:

  • karaduman96
  • votovoto12
  • sSuccesSs
  • Amirolofski
  • VSkillex_Combo
  • i_so_boss
  • CttCJim
  • CD_clock
  • ZombieDonkey
  • merra123
  • KingBandesha
  • DenastY_PT

We kindly ask all of our players to strictly adhere to our server rules and enjoy the game!